Stupidness 2

Stupidness 2 1.1

How many stupid questions can you answer in a time crunch?


  • Fun graphics and interface
  • Amusing puzzles to solve
  • Solutions available for each puzzle


  • Some of the puzzles are repetitive


Stupidness 2 is a game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that challenges you to solve a variety of different puzzles

If you've ever taken an IQ test, this is what Stupidness 2 is based on. Instead of intelligence questions like The Impossible Test does though, Stupidness 2 asks you stupid questions. These are puzzles that generally have a little bit of a trick to them. For example, you could be asked which is the larger number and given the choice of 35 and 100. The answer would turn out to be 35 simply because the number 35 in this puzzle happens to be larger than the font size used for the number 100!

What makes Stupidness 2 a challenge is that you're under a time crunch to answer questions in each set. Every wrong choice loses you more time. Once you run out, you have to start at the beginning of that question set again. If you get stuck on any one puzzle, you can trade IQ points you've earned for a solution or hint. Essentially, you can't really lose Stupidness 2, which could be a bit of a drag for some players.

Another small nitpick is that sometimes Stupidness 2 doesn't recognize your finger taps the first couple of times, or only recognizes very specific movements. Keep this in mind while playing. If you don't lose time for tapping incorrectly, the app might just not have recognized your first attempt at all.

Stupidness 2 is a tongue-in-cheek approach to gauging your IQ that'll keep players amused and challenged.

Stupidness 2


Stupidness 2 1.1

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